It starts with the patent-pending shoulder strap clip that wraps around your shoulder strap and securely locks into place. The clip lets you add interchangeable pouches to the front of your backpack, baby carrier or messenger bag. The interchangeable pouches let you customize your strap for commuting and then later change it for a day of hiking, photography, biking or simply walking around town.

Clakit is also compatible with many of the belt pouches, tool pouches, lights, cameras, packs and purses you already have, letting you move these items to your shoulder strap.

The options are endless.​​

Clakit was conceived while hiking in the California mountains and realizing that EVERYTHING I needed was on my back - even items I used often. Every time I needed something I had to take off my backpack, search for the item and repack - whether water, smartphone, map, wallet, snack or permits.

Clakit lets you move important often used items to the front of your body where they are accessible and secure.

Moving items to the front also has some added advantages:

  • Weight moved to the front moves your center of gravity forward resulting in better posture and less pressure on your back
  • ​You can carry more with the added storage
  • ​You take your backpack off less since the things in it are not needed as often
  • ​Important items are always in sight
  • ​You have a vast array of accessories from which to choose knowing that Clakit can connect them to your shoulder strap
  • ​More secure than alligator clips and Velcro packs.
  • ​Adds flexible options to both standard and specialized packs.